Sanctuary Dogs

Sasha came to rescue when she was abandoned. She is a sweet girl who loves to play in the yard.

Lucky came to us from a local shelter. He was taken there when his owner passed away. The shelter was told that Lucky was 10 years old, but he does NOT act that old and he has gorgeous teeth. Lucky is truly wonderful - completely trained and happy. He has been fully vetted - including a dental and extensive blood work. Lucky has an old back injury that causes him to sometimes have problems with his back legs. It does not hold him back most days but he needs a fenced yard to play in and another dog or two to run with to exercise his legs.

This is Tucker who was found wandering alone in downtown Franklin. He is young, and we think he may be an Affenpinscher mix. He's the sweetest little boy and is doing well with HCW - worms are gone, energy level is up, and he thinks everyone here is a play toy. He's had his initial vet check-up, is neutered but we're working through some issues. He loves and plays with everyone and makes all the new HCW fur-babies feel welcome. Tucker will remain with HCW as our social director.

This is Libby T. She came to us from a local shelter. Libby T is old, super sweet, tiny at 3.8 pounds. Upon arrival at HCW, she had very little hair, was covered with sores, had terrible knees, wasn't spayed and had mammary tumors. Did I tell you she is sweet???? We told her one day at a time, little girl, one day at a time.... Now she's doing really well, her hair has grown in, her skin improved, and she had surgery to spay her and remove her mammory tumors. Libby T loves the sun and runs out the doggy door every chance she gets to lay in the sun. She loves the other dogs and is loving life.

Meet Binky, Misty and Olive. Towards the end of 2009, we brought in these 1-2 year old silkies from a rural shelter. These dogs came from a horrific puppy mill where they were kept in small cages in unimaginable filth. They were totally exposed to the elements. Worse than that, these dogs had been deemed too scared by the shelter and were scheduled for immediate euthanasia when we found out about them and brought them here. They are very happy now, with good nutrition and lots of love - they enjoy the sun, playing in the yard and are in & out of the doggie door all day with their big stuffed alligator with 18 squeakies. They get along well with other dogs, are altered and healthy now. They've come a long way, but still have a lot to learn.

Tessa is probably 6-7 years old, and weighs about 8 pounds. She is special needs and needs lots of patience because she is scared of people at first. She is smart and figured out the doggie door right away. She spent three months at a shelter and is really happy to be in a home now.

This is Joe who was abandoned in a rural area. He is large (80 lbs), older, mostly black, male and blind. His vetting showed that he was heartworm positive with lyme disease, but after a year of trreatment he is now heartworm negative and healthy. He's very smart - figured out the yard, steps to the porch and the doggy door the first day. He's a friendly boy and gets along with the others. Joe is safe now with HCW and he loves air conditioning and being an inside dog.