Ginger is a sweet, seven yr old, and tiny little girl. She was turned it at the shelter by her owners. She is healthy and needs some time to settle. She will be ready for adoption soon.

Meet Tyson, a tiny 15 year old shih tzu, but he has aged well. He was very thin but has put on half a pound and he now weighs 10 pounds. He loves to run and play in the yard. Tyson just had his first ever dental and I know he will feel much better now. Everyone at the vet loves this sweet little boy. He is a joy.

Bella is a 13 year dachshund whose owner became ill and could no longer care for her. She shows signs of Cushings disease so we have started the tests she needs. Her blood work showed liver issues and a urinary tract infection; we are treating both She is feeling a little better. At this point we are going to give her a month or so here and then recheck. If things don't improve dramatically we may test for Cushings and/or hypothyroidism then. For now, we are taking baby steps - one thing at a time.

Look at this little guy! BB is just over 9 pounds (skinny still), and 1-2 yrs old. He was found by one of our vets in a parking lot. He had been hit by a car, broken pelvis, concussion, ... and our vet nursed (vetted?) him back to health. No one ever claimed him. He is fitting right in at HCW. He loves the other dogs and women, but is afraid of men. We're working with him. He's already learned to walk on a leash and use a puppy pad. BB is making progress on his barking and with men but has a ways to go.

Riley is a very young (born Mothers Day 2015) 5 or 6 pound boy. I was told he is a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix. He lost his home because he was biting. He is totally untrained and needs to spend some time learning about acceptable behavior - this may take a while. But it has only been a short time and I really think he can be a good boy - he just hasn't been taught how. He's already learning the rules, and learning to be around people and let them pet him. We don't think he's ever been to the vet. He weighs 6.3 pounds, had to be anesthetized for blood draw, rabies shot, exam, and shave down. We wormed him with Drontal, had him neutered and his teeth cleaned. He is underweight but eating well.

Meet Zoe everyone. She is 12 years young and needed a place to hang out. Zoe has a lot of things going on, like a staph infection, nasty teeth... We have started her on antibiotics, eye and ear meds, medicated shampoo, and should have more information when her blood work comes back. She's very sweet and seems to enjoy checking out the yard with the other HCW dogs.

This is Pinot, and he is actually very cute and not at all blurry. (not sure what is going on with the camera!) Pinot doesn't see well, if at all, and he only has one eye. We were told he ended up at a shelter because his owner had a stroke, but the shelter also said he was 15 yrs old. He is NOT! We are going to call him 7 yrs young. He is a doll, and a larger Shih Tzu at 17-1/2 pounds. He tail wags all the time (it IS blurry). More info as we get his labs back and make a plan to get him ready for a forever home.

This is Lexie. She is 11 years old and weighs about 14 pounds. Lexie came to us when her elderly owner could no longer care for her. Her bloodwork was fine and she just had a dental.

Meet Tommy - he is from a puppy mill. Tommy is 7 yrs old and weighs a whopping 5-1/2 pounds. He is having a very good time running in the yard, and really loves getting attention. Tommy is neutered and just had a dental -- he loves to smile now.

This is Trixie. We were told she is seven years old and that she came from a puppy mill. She is a tiny and gentle long haired chihuahua, but very shy right now. I think Tucker will help with that. She's settling in to HCW and enjoying the yard and fresh air. Trixie has a vet appointment Monday so we can start getting her healthy.

Tiny Tink weighs a whopping 3.3 pounds, and is a very sweet senior chihuahua. She had a dental and is in the process of being vetted. She's feeling better, relaxed and enjoying herself! She even walks on her hind legs when she wants me to pick her up, and barks at the cats like she means it.

This is Flossy. She is a senior chihuahua/chinese crested who is bright, chipper and energtic. She's 7 lbs and very sweet. Flossy is doing well -- she just had a dental and a mammory tumor removed. She's getting stronger every day.

CiCi is from a puppy mill. Her last litter of pups died so they got rid of her. She is tiny and scared. CiCi will be 2 years old on July 10th. Right now we are just letting her chill and get to know the routine. She has a vet apointments Monday so we can start getting her healthy.

This little yorkie is Lottie Da. She is 17 years old, and a happy, energetic little girl after lots of love and care at HCW. She and her friend, Tish, were left at the shelter when their own died. She is heartworm negative, but she had severe hair loss and other issues as well. Lottie has learned to trust people at HCW, gets along well with the other dogs, and loves squeaky toys.