Heaven Can Wait Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, public charity  non-profit organization

As an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) since 2010, we have established sound governance, policies and procedures to guide HCW; and are implementing and executing animal rescue activities leveraging, and guided by, our animal care manager's many years of experience and success in shelter, care, adoption and active relationships with other rescues and shelters. Through education and by example, we work to encourage respect and compassion for all animals.

The management and affairs of HCW are at the direction of the board of directors who donate their time and efforts. The Board is committed to representing the best interests of HCW. Our animals are under the care of our magnificent animal care manager, and our activities are currently executed by an average of 4-10 volunteers.

We are challenged every day to rescue and care for the sick, injured, neglected and homeless companion animals. Throughout the year, we rescue many, provide sanctuary for the dogs in need no one else would take, and work with other rescues to save precious souls. For the dogs that have made their way to HCW, the road has sometimes been rough and painful but they are now settled into their new home (whether it's HCW or their own forever home), are well cared for, and loving life. It is a marvelous feeling to know that one less dog is looking for their forever home and is now a treasured family member and companion. Our success is built on the strong relationships, commitment and extraordinary support of our adopters, supporters, partners and donors who enable us to perform this life-saving work with rescues. You help us feed and care for our rescues, and change the future for the many homeless animals that depend on us, and people who will cherish them. Thanks to your amazing concern and support, many dogs are safe and know kindness, peace and love. We look forward to an enduring partnership as we continue to make a difference and a better future for all rescues.

"I have always had a deep love for animals, and could never understand  when others mistreated them, or were indifferent to them. I know I have often felt my spirit diminished by their indifference" 

Ashley Montagu