Available Dogs

Talley is a very sweet and social girl, and will be a great companion for some lucky family. Her previous owner just could not keep her, so they contacted us. She is estimated to be about 8 years old and weighs about ten pounds. We do not know much about Talley's early life, but at some point she lost all her teeth. This really does not slow her down, and she eats dry kibble with no trouble. Talley is very smart, uses a doggie door, and loves to "G.O.".

Chico is a very lively 10 years old who absolutely loves his people. He came to us from Hospice so he recently lost his mom. Chico weighs 12-1/2 pounds and is very healthy. We neutered him and gave him a dental, and now he is housebroken and active. He is enjoying the other dogs, and loves his blankets and a sweater. He misses his mom and would really love another lap to snuggle in, and he would love to take long walks and go for car rides, too. Chico is just an all-around good dog.

Pearl is probably 5-7 years old and she weighs about 8 pounds. She is very active but also makes a great couch potato. Pearl was found as a stray and at the time she would not walk on one of her back legs. It must have been a recent injury, though, because now she uses it most of the time. Our vet has decided that Pearl does not need surgery. She has been spayed and got a dental. We also ran extensive lab work to determine that she was a healthy girl. Because of her small size she cannot go to a home with small children. Other dogs are OK, but Pearl can be a little bossy so a larger dog would be best.

Taco Bill is probably about 4 or 5 years old, and we think he is an Italian Greyhound mix. He has the slim IG build, and is full of energy. His coat is super soft and silky. Taco Bill has a heart murmur that he was probably born with, but our vet checked him out thoroughly and took x-rays and he does not require any medication for it. He does not have any symptoms and it certainly doesn't slow him down, but it is something that his new family should be aware of. Taco Bill is friendly, housebroken, and crate trained. He gets along very well with other dogs. Since he was found as a stray, we have no history on him. He has had a dental, neuter, and is heartworm negative and on preventive. Taco Bill is a wonderful dog.

Birdie is a very sweet little girl. She recently had a dental and is healthy and happy. Birdie has not always been treated with kindness - at some point, someone shot this little dog. The bullet is still there, but doesn't seem to be causing any problems where it is lodged in her body. However, she has very limited use of one of her front legs as a result of being shot and not taken to a vet. Despite this, she is trusting and loving and an all-around great dog. Birdie has one brown eye and one blue eye, which gives her an interesting look. She is probably 6-9 yrs old and weighs a tad over 10 pounds. She gets along great with other dogs.

Harley is a wonderful little dog. Possibly a Chihuahua/Russell Terrier mix. He was very thin when he came from the shelter, but is about 10 pounds now. We were told that Animal Control had been trying to catch Harley for over 2 years - he was a stray running in a neighborhood. It is hard to imagine now. He immediately took to being a house dog and you never have to "catch" him - he readily comes when called. He is sweet and funny and gets along well with the others here. He is smart and figured out the doggie door immediately. He must have been someone's pet at one time. Harley has been neutered, had bloodwork and heartworm tests, gotten a dental, and his vaccinations, as well as x-rays. Harley's right front leg is frozen in place - x-rays do not tell us why, but it cannot be moved at all. He does not let that hinder him. Stairs are no problem. He is active and very happy. Because of his former life on the streets, a fenced yard is required. He is housebroken and walks very well on a leash.

Franny is a dainty 20 pound Beagle mix. She is smart - figured out the doggie doors right away, gets along well with other dogs, and loves blankets and sofas. We are not at all sure of her age, but she may be about 12 years old. She is super sweet and gentle. She got a much-needed dental and has recovered from hair loss that was probably caused by a flea infestation. Franny loves to "patrol" so a fenced yard is a must.

Frankie joined HCW when he was captured in a rural area where he had been running for about 3 weeks and was scared and hungry. Frankie is about 3 years old, 15 lbs, neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. Frankie is very friendly, loves to play with other dogs, enjoys being outside, uses the doggy door and loves the sofa. He is one happy boy - good food, water, a warm bed, friends to play with and lots of love. He is ready for his forever home!