Forever Homes

Sam is a 6 month old dachshund who was returned to his family. They are giving him lots of love and good nutrition, and he's very happy.

BB has an awesome forever home. When he came to HCW, at 9 lbs and 1-2 years old, he had been hit by a car with a broken pelvis and concussion and our vet nursed him back to health. He loved the other dogs and women, but was afraid of men. His new family worked with him and now he loves his new daddy and is loving life in his new home.

Tommy found a very special forever home. He came from a puppy mill, and at 7 yrs old and weighs a whopping 5-1/2 pounds, he had a ball at HCW running in the yard and loved getting attention. He's very happy with lots of love and attention from his mom.

Trixie found the best forever home. She is now our Tish's little sister, and has a bonus sister in Choochee. I have it on good authority that Trixie is having a wonderful time with the girls and is loving her new life. So very thankful for this!

Our Flossy has found her forever home! Flossy has a super sweet brother named Jake and, best of all, Jennifer her mom, who will take excellent care of her forever and ever. We are so happy about this!

Today we have some good news! Bentley has found his forever home. He is being a very good boy and his new family is so happy with him. So good to see these guys start a whole new life! This is Bentley with "his" Sarah - the perfect match! He came to us through Hospice. Bentley spent all his time with his owner when she was bedridden. He is a very loyal dog who is so happy to have someone else to love. Bentley weighs 7 pounds, is 7 years old. His bloodwork was good; he is neutered and just had a dental.

We have news! Miss Blueberry Fancy Pants and CiCi have found a home together! They have three chihuahua siblings and lots of room to run. Debbie and Ray are committed to helping CiCi overcome her puppy mill issues, and being in a home with her BFF Fancy makes this about as good as it gets. Thank you Debbie and Ray - we are so happy for the girls!

Booker and Rags have been adopted - together!!! Booker came to HCW when his owner passed away. She was too ill to care for him near the end. Booker loves to play with toys, and is very affectionate. Rags was found in the middle of a busy highway and taken to a shelter. No one ever claimed him; he came to HCW. So thankful to their Mom, Linda, who doesn't mind that Rags doesn't have eyes, and that Booker is special also. Booker has taught Linda how to fetch, and Rags gives her lots and lots of kisses.

Honey has her forever home!! Her angel, Lynda who stepped up to pay for Honey's cataract surgery, has fallen for Honey and adopted her. She was found in someone's backyard on their pool cover. No one claimed her. She was just overjoyed to be at HCW. Honey is a very sweet female yorkie who was "legally blind" when she came to HCW. She may be as young as 5-7 years old. She had bad ear infections and a UTI but was NOT diabetic (YAY!). Honey had surgery to repair her hernia and had her teeth cleaned. She is very people oriented, but is OK with the other dogs. She thinks Bernie is a cat (maybe all that yowling) and she doesn't "do" cats, so we have had to have a few talks about that. So happy that Honey passed her tests with flying colors and qualified for cataract surgery for both eyes! How wonderful for her to be able to see again.

We have reason to celebrate everyone! Henry has a forever home. He chose Vivian to be his new person and they are doing just fine! So thankful that he is safe and will never be homeless again. Henry is very sprightly dachshund. He is a wonderful companion. His blood work was not bad, but he does have a heart murmur. He doesn't have any symptoms, which is great, and the murmur is not as bad as some. Henry is about 10 years old. He LOVES food, and has really enjoyed the other dogs. And he totally ignores the cats.

Dusty has his forever home with a brother Jochen and a very sweet mom. He is being held in this photo by his Grandmother. How great is that? Grandmother has a young Pom, too, so there's lots of playing going on. Dusty and Jochen are BFF's already and play, play, play. I have seen the evidence! And Dusty is being very good with the cat and the chickens. What a big life he has after starting out pretty small. Dusty is a lovely 8 month old Pomeranian. He weighs 6 pounds, but needs to gain a few pounds. Dusty came from a puppy mill, so he is still learning about playing and grass and good food. So far he loves it! He's neutered and just had a dental.

Our Goldie has found her forever home. She is such a special girl and we are so happy for her. Don't they all look happy? Goldie came to HCW when her family couldn't spend as much time with her as she needs and they made the difficult decision to give her up. She is loving, sweet and about 6 years old. She aced her vet check and just had a dental.

Sherman, our little tank, has found his awesome forever home. He sleeps with Roma and Jim, his new Mom and Dad, and is diligently taking care of their chipmunk problem. We are so happy for Sherman! Sherman is about two years old and weighs 26 pounds. He is a tad on the husky side (!), but he was losing weight at HCW. Sherman came here when his owner became ill and could no longer care for him. He loves people, but is a typical young energetic terrier. He's not suitable for a home with cats or dogs that are smaller than him but he is fine with large dogs. He's neutered, house trained and current on his vaccinations.

Josie has a new family with a former HCW fur-kid, Lady Bug. She is so happy and loves having a fur-sister to play with. Josie is the perfect dog! She is a small girl, polite, loving and smart as a whip. She is probably middle aged, but she is active and loves to go for walks. Josie was found as a stray so we do not know her history. She had a fistula (hole) in her gum/jaw when we got her so she needed extensive surgery to repair it. She did just great and was quickly back to eating dry food.

Walter P has the most wonderful forever family with fur-siblings Sheldon, Moose, and former HCW fur-kids Tootie and Zeus. He came to HCW as a 8 week old 2 pound spitfire, turned into a rural shelter. He was born without his front legs and will need a lot of care and physical therapy but he is typical pup - play, sleep, repeat. When Walter P turned one year old, he was fitted for a special "zoom" cart for mobility. He is the happiest little boy and his family adores him.

Zach was adopted and is a happy boy with his new Dad Jim. Zach is a 8 yr old Shih Tzu mix and was taken to our vet to be euthanized because his owners' grandchildren kept chasing and cornering him and eventually he started snapping. They agreed to turn him over to us instead. He was housebroken and did well on a leash upon arrival. After working with our ACM, Zach got over his fear of being cornered and was a good, happy, and friendly boy. Dad Jim adores him, and we are so happy he has a family of his own.

Roxie and Stella found their forever home together and are so happy. They have the best family and will he happily ever after as part of Kay Linda's family!!! Roxie and Stella are a bonded pair and need to stay together. Their owner became very ill and could no longer care for them. You can tell they were very well loved and cared for - they are just precious. Roxie, the darker of the two, is older at 13 yrs, but is very active and healthy. She takes thyroid meds, but they are very inexpensive. Stella is 6 years old and she is very sweet. Both weigh a tad over 7 pounds. These girls are good dogs! No issues at all - reliable housebroken, not yappy or destructive. Just a joy to have here, and our vet really liked them also.

Charlie has found the perfect forever home and he is so happy. His Christmas wish came true. His 2 new sisters adore him and he'll be forever loved. Charlie was born in December of 2011. He was very well loved, but his owner passed away and Charlie lost his home. Charlie is about 17 pounds, good with other dogs, loves to take walks, and likes children.

Oscar found the most fabulous forever home and he is a happy boy. Oscar is a young guy - probably about three years old. He is sweet and loving and can make the funniest faces. He is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly - he loves snuggling with his new Mom, Katherine, and enjoys hiding under blankets. Oscar was built to run and he also loves having fur siblings to play and snuggle with.

Katie has a wonderful home - finally! Jean and Steve drove all the way from North Carolina to get her and they have arrived home safely. Katie is a gorgeous little girl who was taken to a shelter by her owner, who no longer wanted her. She is very well mannered. Katie has had a dental and bloodwork and is very healthy - her owner said she was 12, but she does not show it. Thank you so much, you two. Katie is one lucky dog.

Miller has a home! His Mom, Jessica, and his Dad, Elliott, are wonderful and committed to working with Miller to make him more comfortable being part of a family. His brother, Benton, even lets him help play Pokemon Go! What a great home!!! We are absolutely delighted for you Miller.

Look how...happy Happy looks! What a diva! Happy came in with severe dental disease and lost all her teeth, but that does not slow her down. She is a typical terrier and is very busy. Just a lovely dog. Thank you Lisa, for giving her such a good home, and for keeping us posted. We just love this girl! Doesn't she look great? I guarantee that is the very first WHITE fluffy blanket she has ever seen.

Boo Ledger found a forever home where he gets lots of walks and love and will be safe and cared for forever and ever. His Dad, Christian, is just delighted with Boo and had the patience to work through his trust issues. Now they are very best buds. We will truly miss walking with you, my friend, but we are so happy you are home.

Daisy was adopted by the most wonderful family -- she even sits on her Dad's desk and helps him with the computer. Daisy adores her new family and they love her right back. Daisy is a 7 year old 5 pound Chihuahua. She is precious. Just a love. She loves to play with other dogs and enjoys being outside. Daisy was turned in at a local shelter because her family could no longer afford to care for her.

Peep finally picked out the perfect family for her little self! Look at the expression on her face! YAY Peep. We will miss her terribly, but we are so happy for her we could just cry!

Polo has found his forever home! Here he is with his Mom, Suzy, and his brother Beau. He has a beautiful sister named Sophie, and a Dad, too. Right now he is entertaining the Grandkids. What a good dog! 

Millie has found her forever home. Her new mom, and fur-brother and sister, drove down from Michigan yesterday to pick her up. Millie will be loved and cared for, and she has a very playful brother named Frank and a fenced yard to play in. I know he will keep up her "how to have fun and be a dog" studies. Her new sister, Chanel, is a darling, and her new mom, Faith is home all day and will always be her mom - no matter what!

Semi Ann has a home of her very own. She has two furry bros and a new mom, dad, and little sister. Here she is with her new mom, Carolyn, with her two brothers looking on. We are so excited for her! Semi Ann is a very special little girl. She came to HCW by way of a local shelter where she was turned in by a backyard breeder in pretty sad shape. At HCW, she did really well, learning every day about dog beds, running and playing with other dogs, and experiencing the freedom to run on grass in a yard.

This is Greta and her mom Heather. Greta also has two rescued Schnauzer siblings, and a human brother, so all is well. We will miss Greta, but this is absolutely what we wanted for her - a happy forever after home. Greta is a super intelligent wonderfully behaved Miniature Schnauzer. She is older - about 10 - but very active and energetic. In typical Schnauzer fashion, she keeps a close eye on the smaller dogs and intervenes if she thinks they are playing too rough. Greta came in with some pretty large fatty tumors, which we had removed.

Phyllis is one of a kind and has the best forever home! We really have no idea of her breed. Her hair has not been trimmed - what you see in the photos is her natural "do". She is sweet and loving and a very good girl. When we got Phyllis she had a tumor and was heartworm positive. Now she is healthy and happy!

Happy dances here! We are so delighted for Cora, who has found her forever after Mom! As you can see, they love each other. I am so happy for Cora and Barbara, and for Cora's new brother Huggys and her two horsey sisters. Another match made in Heaven! You go, girls!

Good news! Amos (now Mo) has a forever home! If one of his brothers looks familiar, he should - that is our Jackson, who was adopted in September. With their other brother Caesar, they make a full house - and recliner. This is just the very best family and we are so glad that it is truly forever - no more homeless in their future. Nancy is totally outnumbered, but she doesn't seem to mind a bit! Perfect!!!!

Bubbles and Squeak have found their forever home! We are just delighted that they could be adopted together and have a truly forever home now after being sold on Craig's List so many times. What a relief that they are safe! Happy forever-after Bubbles and Squeak!

Sunny has found a lovely, and loving, forever home. Sunny is now pampered and forever safe, and even has a winter home in Florida. We are so happy for her and her new mom. Sunny, you will be missed, but you deserve the very best!

We are so very happy for Kay Linda , who came here after she was mauled by a pit bull and needed help, finally has her forever home. Look how happy she is. Her new sister, Lexy, has learned to give frequent belly rubs and to share the blankets at night. Her new mom, Carolyn, and furry sister Cody, are just great. She is just a year old and she loves people. She's a happy, sweet girl, loves to play, and snuggle under blankets.

Pax has started the New Year off just perfectly! Here he is with his new dad, Bill, and his lovely sister Lizzie. I guess mom, Beth, was taking the photo. Pax lives in Florida now where it is warm (I remember warm). Peace and Love, Pax - you are a lucky dog!

Dot (now Daisy) has a forever home! Here she is with her Mom, Priscilla. She and Jim cannot help but laugh every time I talk to them about this special little dog. Daisy is sweet, smart and very funny. Figured out both doggie doors in minutes and guards "her" yard from all the pesky squirrels laugh every time I talk to them about this special little dog. Daisy is sweet, smart and very funny. Figured out both doggie doors in minutes and guards "her" yard from all the pesky squirrels. Daisy sits between Priscilla and Jim every night when they watch TV and she thinks that is an interactive sport - she enjoys barking at any animal that appears on the screen. Her vet lives right next door and visits often, which is a huge plus.

We are more than delighted to report that Jackson (now Jacks) has found his forever home! Nancy and Ross, and their two-legged son, Liam, opened their hearts and home to Jacks because he was blind, not in spite of it. Their patience and dedication are truly heartwarming. They already had Caesar (also adopted) and it looks like he and Jacks make the perfect pair. Like bookends! Can you tell which is which?

This is Tish and Choochee, color-coordinated sisters, with Donna and Barry, who have promised Tish they will take excellent care of her - forever. Tish is the rare chihuahua who never met a stranger. She LOVES people. Tish is probably about middle-aged, 8-10 yrs old, but she is full of energy and loves to run and play. Tish is tiny at about 6 pounds. Her owner passed away and she was turned in at a local shelter.

Thomas has a home. He has two wonderful human brothers a little hairy brother named Sampson, and a very nice Mom and Dad. We are so very happy for him. ALL dogs deserve a forever home and we are so glad to be part of the process. Thomas McCracken ... sounds right to me!

Bingo has a forever home! Besides his sweet Mom, he has a twelve year old "sister" who loves and spoils him, and an older furry sister to show him the ropes in his new home. We are so happy for him!

Loki is seeing a lot of changes in his life - all good ones! He has a new name - Duke; a new mom and dad; and a new brother named Max. He and Max hit it off immediately and really enjoy spending time together - they are very good at patrolling their lovely yard and keeping it safe from squirrels and birds. They have a lot in common since Max is also a rescue, and they are about the same age. Thank you Steve, Maureen, and Max for sharing your home with Duke, and making him part of the family.

Winky has been adopted by an awesome family and is reunited with her sister, Ruby. Winky, her sister and daughter came to HCW after their owner surrendered them because she could no longer care for them. Before these girls game to HCW, they were kept in small crates together in the basement, had never seen a vet, and were afraid of people. Winky is doing great and learned to enjoy the yard, playing with the other dogs, and sometimes even gives kisses.

Mini has found her forever family and was adopted with Cookie. How wonderful! Mini is about a year old and such a joy. She is full of energy and loves to play. She was surrender by her owner, along with her Mother and Aunt. Before coming to HCW, she was kept in a small crate in the basement, had never seen a vet and was afraid of people, Mini is loving life now -- so many toys and dogs to play with, and a big fenced yard.

We are so happy to tell you all that Rio is home! His life's journey had a lot of roadblocks, but Rio's heart remained open and true and he has finally found what he always deserved - a loving forever unconditional home. I miss his smile and his snoring, and the "Rio song" keeps playing in my head, but there is no doubt at all that he is where he belongs. So happy for him and his family, and for us. Lucky, lucky dog! Rio came to HCW in horrible condition - his jaw had been broken in three places, and his teeth were horrible. He was apparently kept in a wire bottom cage and his feet were a mess with infections and scar tissue and open wounds. Through all the surgeries and treatments, Rio was just a joy. At HCW, he learned about toys, and baths, and being an inside dog, and he loves it all.


Our Sam got a forever family for Christmas! He is so happy that I can hardly stand it! We couldn't have done better. Here's his new mom Marie, his brother Mathew, and his new friend (ANOTHER Sam!). They drove all the way from Rhode Island to get Sam - and that is real commitment. I cannot even describe how Sam loved them from the very first minute. It was really special. Oh, and Sam has several furry siblings - including CATS - that he is loving also!


Jillian is with her forever family in Colorado and they adore her. She has two fur brothers and she is a happy, happy girl. Jillian came to HCW in horrible condition, serious hair loss, overall infections, rotten teeth, etc, but thrived with good care and love. Jilly is a joy and dearly loved.

Lincoln has found his forever home. His mom, Sue, has patiently worked through his fear issues, and his dad, Mark, is putting in extra effort as well. Thank you so much, guys, and we wish you years and years with this beautiful little boy.

Cookie and Mini have an awesome forever family. Cookie is about two years old and weighs 6 pounds. She is very sweet and loving and really wants to be held a lot. Because she is so young, she needs another small sweet dog to play with. Cookie is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. Now she and Mini are happy and loved together!

Deb and Fred are Auti's (now known as Rowdy Audy! on most days) new mom and dad, and she has 3 precious little Japanese Chin sisters: Tessa, Suzi Q, and Panda. Natasha, the cat, is still training Audi about how to interact politely with felines, and refuses to be photographed with Audi until she learns to behave. Audi is bringing lots of fun and games to her new home, and on occasion, she is Naughty Audi. It's a good thing that her new folks are super patient and loving and enjoy her antics.

Tootie joined HCW from a rural shelter - she is a very special girl who has been adopted by a very special family, with fur siblings that she loves. She absolutely loves to play with other dogs. Tootie is spayed, heartworm negative, up to date on her vaccinations, and had a dental to remove retained baby teeth. She is a very happy, loving and playful little girl. She's about 4 pounds, and was a year old this past summer - probably in July 2012. Her front leg was deformed, a result of a birth defect, and 3 vets recommended removal. Tootie healed well after her surgery and gets around great. Removal of the leg enables her to walk straighter and be much more comfortable, especially as she ages. Because Tootie only has three legs, exercise is very important to keep her strong.

Abby has the perfect forever home and is a very happy girl. She is a 3 yr old maltese. She came to HCW after her owner died. Abby was in pretty bad shape and had been living in the basement but she is living the princess life now with tons of love.

Jasmine is a senior yorkie who was found as a stray. She was in pretty sad shape and a matted mess. She only has a few teeth left after her dental but she is a happy girl and is doing great after her spay surgery. Jasmine is absolutely adorable and loves everything. Her forever family lives in Colorado and they love her so much - she is a happy little princess with 3 new fur siblings.

Bella is a 2 yrs old, 16 lb min pin/dachshund girl who came to HCW when her owner passed away. She is a healthy girl and is no longer only an outside dog. She found the perfect forever family and has a fur sister to play with and a family who adores her.

Jim Bob who is about 4-5 years old and was found as a stray. Jim Bob is very sweet and loves people and playing outside. He gets along well with others and has learned to play with toys! Although he has a cleft lip his pallet was not involved so he has no trouble eating. Jim Bob hit the jackpot with his new forever family - he is so happy and they love him to the moon and back.

Smudge was adopted by his most wonderful foster family and is loving life. Smudge is a little guy (8 lbs) who joined the HCW family after he was pulled from a county shelter and taken to our vet for an exam and blood work. He then journeyed to the home of one of our long time volunteers. He has a brother and sisters that are HCW alumni. His brother, Dandy, has been showing him the ropes. He is a happy little boy and a quick learner! After one meal, he knew the routine and quickly runs to his crate at meal time! Mom & Dad have promised him that he will know nothing but love, warmth and great food from here on out.

Zeus was adopted to a marvelous family and is so happy. He is loving life with Tootie (HCW alumni) and his new fur brother, Sheldon. Zeus is a 5 pound, one year old chihuahua. He is very sweet, loves to snuggle and play with other dogs.

Bailey is a gorgeous boy with a fabulous forever family. They absolutely adore him. Mom works from home and Bailey is there waiting for his two new two-legged brothers everyday after school. Bailey is 6 yrs old and weighs less than 30 pounds. He is very sweet. He had a problem being left alone before, but is totally comfortable being crated now and does just fine. He is loving life.

JC was adopted with his best friend, Ellie, to the perfect family. JC is about three to 3-1/2 yrs old and about 12 pounds. He had just about the worst start in life - he definitely went to the wrong family and they did some damage. A college student found him in an apartment complex parking lot. He looked for the owners, but couldn't find anyone to claim JC so he contacted us. We later found his owner and he agreed HCW could keep him. When he first arrived, JC walked on three legs--one of his rear legs had actually atrophied and was just a bone. HCW had surgery done on JC to relieve his pain, and he gradually learned to use all four legs and has muscles in both hind legs. JC loves people and is really a sweetie. He is housebroken and gets along with most other dogs. JC was adopted to a family that will allow him to continue to improve, where he is no longer special needs - he is just special.

Ellie is about 9 months old and probably about 7 pounds now--cute, sweet and very happy. She spent a couple of weeks under someone's house before they could catch her and take her to the shelter. She did not get adopted because of her hair loss, which was caused by fleas. She's well now, friendly, loving and enjoys playing with the other dogs, especially her best friend, JC. So glad Ellie and JC are happily ever after with their forever family.

Snugs is awesome and he has the best forever home, including a new fursister. Snugs is a tiny 5 pound, 18 month old lovebug. He is quiet and so sweet. Snugs is neutered and heartworm negative. He gets along fine with other dogs, but prefers a human.

Chica has the perfect forever home - and she and Billy were adopted together. Chica was turned in to a shelter. Chica's an 8-10 pound Chihuahua or Rat Terrier mix, about 11 or 12 years old, and is really sweet. She loves to ride, loves to eat, loves naps on the couch, and is fine with the other dogs. Chica uses the doggie door and is very well housebroken. Chica was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and requires Soloxine twice a day. She is very easy to medicate - wrap the pill in cheese and hand it to her - and the meds cost $25-35 per year.

Lobo has been adopted by the perfect family. Lobo joined HCW from a local shelter where he was picked up as a stray. He's a friendly little boy and cuddles against your shoulder like a little baby - he'll even take a nap there. Yea for Lobo!

Billy is wonderful boy who was adopted by the perfect family, who also adopted Chica. He is young - probably about 3 yrs old, and weighs about 7 pounds. He was a stray who ended up at a shelter. Billy is quiet and very snuggly. He is fine with other dogs, and very loving with some of them. He is a mix of some kind, but it is hard to tell exactly what breeds - his coat is wirey and a little curly. Billy is neutered, heartworm negative, and got a much needed dental.

Izzy is a great dog and her forever family adores her. She's a Chihuahua mix, about 7 years old and joined HCW when her owner became too ill to care for her. She is such an easy dog - knows the doggie door and is reliably housebroken, great with other dogs and all people, loves to ride, is very affectionate and playful.

Macy was adopted and has the best ever forever family. She is really loving life now. Macy, almost 8 pounds, 13 years old and very sweet. She's decided she is a sofa dog! She was turned in by her owner with an all-over infection, and an ulcer in her eye which we have treated. She healed quickly and is a joyful, cuddly companion.

Lady was adopted by her forever family in May and has a cutie brother named Tyler. Lady is a Chihuahua turned into a local shelter. She's about 7 years old, spayed, up to date on her shots. Lady's friendly and likes playing with the other dogs in the yard. She's house broken and uses the doggy door. Lady especially enjoys a snuggle on the couch.

Alice, now Jenni Poo, has a forever mom and dad, Susan and Barry, who are very special - and she has the added bonus of snuggly Bob and playful Vino. What more could a girl want? For Jenni this is the best Christmas ever!! Alice is super loving and gets along well with other dogs, walks on a leash, is housebroken and is very flexible and is a great travel companion. She is an 8 pound girl about a year old. She was dumped at a home in the country and was so scared. Alice is super loving and gets along well with other dogs, walks on a leash, is housebroken and is very flexible and is a great travel companion. She is an 8 pound girl about a year old. She was dumped at a home in the country and was so scared they could not catch her. They called us and we were able to get her - she was very glad to be caught. Alice must have a secure fence to keep her safe. Our best guess is that she is a Yorkie/Poodle mix, but we really do not know.

Two very lucky dogs, Gus and Jack, hit the road for their new home near Atlanta. Their new folks, Anne and Carl, are just wonderful and these boys will be forever loved and cared for. What a blessing after their harsh beginning. We will miss these two but could not be happier for them. Angus (aka Gus) (on the left) is a 5 year old Maltese who was abandoned with his best friend, Jackson (Jack), a 7 yr old maltese, in an apartment in Brentwood, TN. They were suffering the effects of starvation and neglect. Both had lost over a third of their body weight, but they have healed now and are ready for their forever home. Gus now weighs 7-8 pounds. Our hope is that Gus and Jack would be adopted together, since they have always been together and love each other. Both Gus and Jack love to play in the yard, so a fenced yard is required. We were told by family members that they are not reliable off-leash and we want them to be safe. Gus walks well on a leash, loves people and other dogs, and is reliably housebroken. He is heartworm negative and on preventive.

Cricket was adopted by the perfect family. She's very energetic and has a new brother, Keeno, to play with -- they get along as through they've been together forever. Cricket is tiny - almost 5 pounds - and about one year old. She is happy and very sweet and a fenced yard helps to keep her safe.

Marley was adopted by a wonderful family and she is very happy. Marley's about a year old old, long haired Chihuahua who was turned in by her owner who was allergic to her. Marley is a tiny girl who weighs just under 4 pounds. Marley loves to play and has a new brother to play with every day - we miss her as the social director at HCW but are very happy for her.

Twiggy is an adorable little Chihuahua girl who found her forever home. She has lots of love. Twiggy, a 1-2 years old, 6 pounds, was trapped as stray that no one could catch. She was a bit shy at first but then she's a love bug.

This is Jingle -- isn't she so cute! Jingle was adopted by a loving family and is very happy that she has a new sister, Lotus. Jingle was a lost pekingese who was found crossing a busy highway in Columbia. Jingle's a happy little girl - she loves toys and playing outside. She is 12 lbs, housebroken and uses the doggy door. She's very friendly and gets along with other dogs. Jingle had surgery to repair her hernia and was spayed.

Wee Willie, now called Chi Chi D'ville was adopted by a loving family and checks in often to let us know he's doing well. Wee Willie is three years old, just about 4 pounds now, neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on his vaccinations. He is very sweet and loving. His owner turn in at a shelter, but he's happy now and loves playing with the other dogs.

Mickey was adopted by a marvelous family and is loving life - he is now called Sir Mick Wagger. He was 5 yrs old in January, am heartworm negative, neutered and up to date on my shots. He was living in Washington State and somehow ended up in a high-kill shelter in Tennessee where HCW rescued him and my epileptic buddy, Taz. I am very sweet and loving, am housebroken and use a doggy door.

Rufus lives with an awesome family who is taking great care of him with lots of love. Rufus joined HCW when his owner abandoned him at the Costco in Brentwood, TN. He is a very sweet, 12 year old, 20 pound boy. He's house trained and uses the doggy door. Rufus enjoys a good walk and ride in the car, and he loves people and snuggling on the couch. He does best in a home without other dogs and loves having so much love from his forever family.

Georgia was adopted by a perfect family in Kentucky where she has new brothers and sister, a great yard to play in and a very comfy sofa. She's very happy and is loving life. Georgia is an adorable 4-5 yr old female beagle, approximately 20 pounds. She was found as a stray in very poor shape. She is totally housebroken, friendly with people and dogs, loves toys, uses the doggy door, and is not very noisy for a beagle.

Gypsy is a happy little girl - she was adopted by her foster family in Centerville, Tennessee She came from a local shelter. She is a total snugglebug -- loves to cuddle and was accustomed to the shelter staff carrying her around all day. Her foster mom is in love with her and her foster dad calls her "Miss Wiggletail" because her ...tail is constantly wagging. She is learning about dog beds, great food, and lots of love with her forever family.

Buddy was adopted by a wonderful family in Colorado, the same family who adopted Maggie, and he is very happy. Buddy is a great dog. His owner passed away and he was turned into a shelter. He is the most adorable, friendly dog and loves to play. He's 12 pounds, 10 years old, housebroken, and gets along great with everyone.

Sassy's owner died and Sassy had been a bit of a princess, not use to sharing. But Sassy's new family was very patient, loving and caring, and it is great that Sassy has such such a great home. She is very happy now with lots of love - oh, and a new boyfriend, Noah, her very cute little yorkie brother.

Renie is healthy, happy, loves to snuggle, has tons of love and is full of life. Renie came to HCW after being dumped at a shelter, malnourished with a hernia and mangled rear leg. Surgery repaired her leg and hernia and she soon was loving life. Renie was spayed and given her rabies vaccination. She enjoys hiding things, although tries to look very innocent when caught in the act, and loves to give kisses. Renie is absolutely adorable and is the happiest dog in the world with her new forever family in Franklin, TN. Yea Renie!

Maggie is a 1 1/2 year old, 15 pound Jack Russell mix, adopted by a wonderful family in Colorado. She has 2 new brothers and 2 new sisters (one is a jack russell) and a big yard to play in. Maggie came to HCW after being abandoned in the WalMart parking lot in very hot weather. She is a sweet little girl who loves people, likes to run and explore, and play with other dogs. Maggie's new family is friends with Penny (now Phoebe) and Cody's family, also in Colorado Springs, so they will be able to see each other.

Penny (now Phoebe) is a very cute 1 1/2 yr old, 10 pound Jack Russell mix who was adopted by her forever family in Colorado. She has a brother to play with now, and is very happy and loved in her new home. She was abandoned in the Walmart parking lot in very hot weather with another young jack russell mix. Phoebe was fully vetted, spayed, and heartworm negative. She's very smart and quickly learned to use the doggy door. Phoebe loves people, is full of energy, loves to play with other dogs and toys and have a fun time. PS Yes, she knows Cody who is with his forever family in Colorado too!

Blue was rescued from a shelter, with ulcerated eyes (we saved one), and had severe seizures that took almost 9 months to control. Blue, who is the rare small dog that adores small children, has a home with two and the third on the way. They are moving soon to a new home with a nice backyard and Blue will be getting a four-legged sibling. I get to babysit him when they are out of town and he is so very happy.

Cody was adopted by a family in Colorado. He is a 5 year old, 8 lb yorkie with diabetes and low thyroid. His new family is working to get his diabetes regulated. He has a new brother and lots of new friends to play with; he enjoys his yard and is learning new things every day. Cody is a very sweet, loving and friendly dog, and he loves to sit in your lap.

Ridley was rescued from a shelter. We think he's a young Chinese Crested Power Puff mix. Ridley was adopted by a family in Franklin, Tennessee. He is adorable, has lots of new play mates and is happy in his forever home.

Loretta and Cash were found on the side of the road. These border collies were exhausted, malnourished, bloody, smelled badly and had mange. Our Animal Care Manager (ACM) lifted them into her vehicle and brought them home where she gave them water, fed them and prepared two beds for them. They were very loving and attached to each other and curled up in a pile together on one bed and fell asleep. They were placed on antibiotics, treated with ivermectin and medicated baths for mange, and provided with good nutrition and lots of love and attention. Loretta and Cash were adopted together and now live with their new, loving family in their forever home in Texas.

Sissy was turned in at a shelter as a stray. Sissy was debarked at some time and has been bred more than is humane. She was in terrible shape when she came in. Given all this, she probably came from a puppy mill or backyard breeder. Sissy absolutely adores people and is very affectionate -- she was adopted by a wonderful lady with lots of love in Alabama.

Honey is a very sweet little girl. She belonged to an elderly lady who could no longer care for her. Honey was 7 lbs and born in April 2001. When she came in we had to spay her, give her a dental, and repair both of her knees. She recovered quickly and was adopted by the perfect family in Brentwood. She has a playmate and is very happy.

Crystal was turned in as a stray at a county animal shelter with rotten teeth, life threatening pyometra, severe hair loss, and mammary tumors. Crystal was adopted by one of our board members and is totally spoiled and totally loved. She is one lucky dog, and still quite the comedian.

There is some confusion about what exactly happened to Pearlie Mae, but around the time of the tornados in Murfreesboro her pelvis was crushed. She was taken to the shelter where she stayed for over two weeks—no one claimed her. As soon as she came here we had surgery done on her hip, gave her a dental, and had her spayed. She is amazingly active and very happy. Pearlie Mae will sit and sing with you. Pearlie Mae was adopted by a lovely lady and lives just north of Nashville. She has a stay-at-home mom and a sofa all to herself.; Her mom’s human daughter, who lives just down the street, has Fancy, who was also adopted from us, so she has a playmate nearby.

Petal came from a county shelter with rotten teeth and very little hair. We have no idea of her history, but it could not have been very nice. She has learned to trust people, gotten her teeth cleaned, and has grown a lovely coat. She requires an inexpensive herbal supplement called Dog Gone Pain to help with a neck injury that was very painful when she first came in. She is not showing any signs of pain now. Petal was adopted by a retired couple from Arkansas. She has a lovely yard, lots of love, and all the tiny squeaky toys a girl could want.

Mercy was rescued from a kill shelter with only hours to spare; she was hypothyroid with no hair, and needed a dental for her rotten teeth. We had her knees repaired so she could walk, and she is now pain free and able to run. Mercy was adopted by a couple in KY and she has them wrapped around her little paws. They adore this dog, and she eats it up. Mercy is quite a diva.

Harley is just over a year old and maybe 8 pounds. He is housebroken and uses a doggie door. Harley was turned in to a shelter by his previous owners because "he wasn't big enough". His owners taught him that people were mean and very likely to hurt him. He was scared to death when he came here. Now he is a lot more confident and super loving. He is a pretty effective couch potato, and loves to give kisses—to both his humans and other dogs. Harley, as his name implies, went on the road and lives in Texas with his new family. They just sent me a picture of him snuggling with his new mom in the bluebells. His family driving for two days to adopt him tells you how they feel about him.

Lola was dumped along the side of the road, waiting for her owner. She was hypothyroid with little hair; malnourished and thin. She's very happy now, loves to play with toys and spends a lot of time sleeping upside down on the back of the sofa. Lola was adopted by a young couple in west TN. They are thrilled with her and she gets prettier every day and knows for sure that she has a forever family.

Kelly came from a home that had no idea how to care for a dog and had worms and fleas. She blossomed with us - she has learned about grass (which she had not seen for months), other dogs, toys, baths, nail trims. She is delighted with having water available all the time. She no longer has fleas or worms and is so much more comfortable. She adores snuggling. Kelly was adopted by a very nice couple about an hour from here. They went through all the "puppy stuff" - like eating the kitchen cabinets, but she has settled in just fine and they truly love her.

Opal was left abandoned in an isolated area; a utility workman found her malnourished and thin, and called us. Now life is GOOD for Opal. Opal was adopted by a childless couple about an hour from here and she is their little princess. Talk about rags to riches.

Butchie was taken to his vet by his owner to be euthanized when she no longer wanted him. The vet loved Butchie and called us—he's very sweet and affectionate. Butchie was adopted by a local family of four. They think he is the best dog in the world, and he agrees. They love practicing tricks with him.